Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stop the insanity -- Get rid of fare-collection

The value of lost, expired or unused Metrocards over the course of a year adds up to a hefty $52 million. To encourage riders to keep better track of cards, the MTA will start charging a $1 Metrocard replacement fee later this year.

The program is expected to net $20 million from both the fee and the diminished costs associated with having fewer Metrocards -- to print, program, recycle and clean up -- in circulation. The MTA also hopes the surcharge will lower the 15 cents is spends on fare collection for every $1 taken in.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fake conservative caught riding on "collectivist" Amtrak

A commenter wonders about individualism and the private auto:
Diminished Individualism Watch - "How does a daily commute by car make one more of an individual? I like to drive, both for the thrill and the sights and I like to exercise my power to individuate myself, but a daily commute by car is neither enjoyable nor individuating. Get in line, watch my speed, watch my following distance; if I made my exit without being aware of it, I've done it right, properly following the bigger herd until my little herd is shunted off to my pod-cubicle in my double-speak infested capitalist wunderland.It's like a jobs program of pointless activity used to sell me a Morning Zoo, ever-burgeoning crush zones, and 300 horsepower to let me occasionally zip 6 places farther ahead to defend my individuality. I'm living the dream, I guess." (Andrew, Portland, OR)
What do we mean by "fake conservative?" True conservatives (not in the spotlight) honestly believe that government should not subsidize for-profit enterprise. Fake conservatives (in the news all the time) believe that corporate welfare is just fine, and social security needs to be "drowned in the bathtub."