Sunday, November 28, 2010

Streetsblog New York City » Good Gov Groups, Transit Advocates Call on Cuomo to Stop MTA Raids

Streetsblog New York City » Good Gov Groups, Transit Advocates Call on Cuomo to Stop MTA Raids: "Albany’s repeated plundering of the MTA’s dedicated funds has robbed transit riders of more than $140 million in the past year alone. With a $9 billion budget gap looming, straphangers could end up paying again very soon. An impossible fix, you ask? I know the subject is Albany and we’ve all been conditioned to think that change is hopeless, but as it happens, all it takes is one person, the governor of New York, to say enough is enough.

For as long as he’s in office, Andrew Cuomo can put a stop to the practice of raiding dedicated transit funds, without waiting for the state legislature to take action. Not only would this policy change be good for transit riders, advocates say in a new report, it would be consistent with principles of good government."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

[Montreal] Board of Trade sold on public transit

Board of Trade sold on public transit: "For years, cities and environmentalists have been calling for better bus, metro and commuter train service.

Yesterday, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal joined the cause, publishing a study suggesting efficient transportation boosts productivity and wealth.

'The business community is resolutely behind public transit,' which is 'vital to Quebec's prosperity,' said Board of Trade chief executive Michel Leblanc.

Expenditures by public transit authorities help fill provincial and federal governments coffers, while productivity is boosted because transit users spend less time stuck in traffic, the study said. Employers benefit because they can choose from a wider selection of candidates and their workers can efficiently get to and from work."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Theodore W. Kheel, Mediator, Free Transit Advocate, Dies at 96 -

Theodore W. Kheel, Mediator, Dies at 96 - "Theodore W. Kheel, who was New York City’s pre-eminent labor peacemaker from the 1950s through the 1980s, a mediator and arbitrator sought after by both City Hall and the White House to help avert or end strikes of crippling consequence, died on Friday. He was 96 and lived in Manhattan."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Freedom Party - Free Transit Advocates

NY Freedom Party advocates free public transit: The Freedom Party will not stand by & allow the Democratic Party or anyone else to take the Black &Latino vote for granted. For New York?s Black and Latino Community the real issue must be the acquisition of economic and political power, for the purposes of self-help and self-determination. Politics is about power- the power that decides who has income, education, affordable homes, health care, respect and justice. The Freedom Party says the struggle is about economics:

Institute free public transportation & CUNY (public Higher Ed.)