Friday, June 19, 2015

Commuters Give Up Cars and Warm Up to Public Transportation

WXXI News: "Hodges says her co-workers pay more than $100 a month to park downtown.  She also likes the social aspect of public transportation. She has met people on the bus from her firm and other companies.

“It’s kind of neat how we look out for each other. If somebody hasn’t been on the bus for a few days people start asking around. Or if someone hasn’t been on the bus and they come back people ask, ‘Were you on vacation? Were you sick?’ "

There won't be an official tally on the number of people taking the ROC Transit Day challenge. Organizers say they handed out a thousand free bus fare cards. People who take them don't always use them."

Why New York City should ban cars

Business Insider: "New York City should ban all personal cars from not just the park, but from most of the city itself."