Friday, December 19, 2014

Brooklyn Dollar Vans Offer Free Rides This Saturday "Riders, who can catch the vans by hailing them or by waiting at bus stops along the routes, will be able to win tickets to a Brooklyn Nets games if they post about the free ride with the hashtag #MetroFreeRide and everyone will get MetroPCS gift bags, organizers said. But beyond the marketing push, nothing is required of customers.

“We are just a couple of commuter vans who want to give back to the community,” Williams said."

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Albany among cities setting records in public transit ridership

timesunion : "The Capital Region is among a number of mid-size American cities seeing record levels of ridership on its public transit, the American Public Transportation Association reported Wednesday. It said that nationwide, 2.7 billion trips were taken on public transit in the third quarter, the highest level since 1974, the oldest third quarter APTA said it has available for comparison."